Monday, October 31, 2005

Desperately seeking bad cop stories

Lest you forget...
A new week, a new round of bad-mouthing the police. The NZ Herald reminds us of the deplorable state of kiwi cops, citing one economist's harrowing ordeal of having his car broken into, and a wife's rib
broken after being hit by a drunk driver. Mr Rankin is distraught Auckland police have Victimised him by attending more urgent matters.

Uncle Tim Wants You!
An urgent appeal to all kiwis outraged by our hopelessly incompetent cops. Please contact Mr Murphy at chief_nasty@auckland'
He NEEDS your hard-luck stories NOW! A change in editorial policy means all journalists are now required to actually speak to people before quoting them. Anonymous, unreliable or fictitious sources should email or phone 0800-LIAR

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