Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The liars respond

After months of sending "hate mail" online to the NZ Herald, I finally got a reply (I listed "Auckland" as my place of residence, perhaps that's why). Jeremy Rees, assistant ed, responds to my complaint of journalistic fraud:
I have forwarded it to the Herald on Sunday and its editor Shayne Currie. Mr Manukia worked for the Herald on Sunday, a separate paper to the New Zealand Herald.
Quick to distance themselves from their fellow rogues, aren't they? Manukia-gate must really be sticking in their craw, I've never seem them so apologetic.

Meanwhile, the liar-in-chief himself is contrite, or in his own words: "flabbergasted", "astounded", "disappointed", and "appalled." I experience all those emotions myself - everytime I read his gawd-awful paper. He assures us that,
99.9% of journalists are honest and ethical
Hmmm... so it must be the proof-readers that insert all those fabrications in our newspapers, huh? In the 'redundancy of the year', Jim Tully (head of PolSci & communications at Canterbury Uni) goes on to tell us that lying...
undermines and destroys the credibility of not only the individual journalist but the media organisation
No kidding? He finishes with the good news that...
The professional status of journalists is not high in the public mind and we tend to finish up in surveys down there with used car salesmen
That's a bit hard on the vendors of second-hand vehicles, I reckon.

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