Sunday, October 23, 2005


Doesn't really have a ring to it, does it? Still, I'm overjoyed the msm is having a Rathergate meltdown moment, and STILL they stubbornly insist on the Big Bad Cop theme! NZCity pipes up with a reminder about the "alleged brutality" leading to Mr Solomona's dismissal. And in a brief report TV One makes sure to repeat the absurd lie about a "sick culture" among CM police.

Over in Ozzy, Sydneysiders are calling our Winny "controversial", "outspoken", and a "maverick leader." They must have met him in person ;-) Our first Maori Deputy Prime-Minister (Ta Apirana, notwithstanding), Treasurer, and Foreign Minister says the restoration of ANZUS is his #1 priority... and we need Alex Downer (bludging off the Ozzies again) to help us grease up to the 'Mericans. Good luck! Until there's a powhiri for the next US warship to visit Wellington harbour, I suspect Mr Bush's enthusiasm for Noo Zild will remain disinterestedly unkindled.

Prayers for Phil Kearns, wife Julie, & kids, that their critically injured 19-month old daughter recovers in hospital after he run her over (dopey bugger) in his driveway yesterday. Get well soon, Andie! xxx

Left-wing Crybaby Alert: The Greens are still mulling around in post-coalition negotiation gloom. Rod Donald sulks:
"I don't want to die wondering whether I've got the capacity to be a good minister. I won't say I'm in no hurry but we'll bide our time."
Don't hold ya breath, Rod! Unless you score a high ranking on Labour's list (plus Helen's approval, of course) ;-)

Meanwhile, the Last Cab off the Rank may have their first opportunity to veto the reintroduction of
the 'waka-jumping' bill, which has expired. Currently the numbers stack up:

For: Labour (50), Progressives (1), NZ First (7) = 58
Against: National (48), ACT (2), Greens (6) United (3) = 59

So the Maori Party's 4 votes may swing it unless Peter Dunne offers support. It would be perfect time for Tariana to say "no" and exact utu from Helen & Winny for the Seabed and Foreshore Act. She could hardly say "yes" being a waka-jumper, herself. Mind you, the same could also be said for Jim, Winny, and the MP for Ohariu-Belmont. Who knows which way the hau will blow? Must be nice to be able to indulge in a spot of tail-dog-wagging, ne? ;-)

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