Thursday, October 27, 2005

National's new line up

National's shadow Cabinet:

1. Don Brash - Leader, SIS, Relationships with non-govt parties; 2. Gerry Brownlee - Deputy leader, shadow leader of the House, Treaty of Waitangi isssues & Maori affairs; 3. Bill English - Education, deputy finance; 4. John Key - Finance; 5. Nick Smith - Environment/RMA, energy, building & construction, caucus rep on the National Party Board; 6. Tony Ryall - Health; 7. Simon Power - Law & Order (police & corrections); 8. Judith Collins - Welfare, veteran's affairs, family affairs, liaison with Pacific Islanders; 9. Katherine Rich - Economic development, SOEs, liaison with youth; 10. David Carter - Agriculture, tourism; 11. Murray McCully - Foreign affairs & trade, defence, conservation, sport and recreation; 12. Lockwood Smith - Immigration, revenue, assc finance, liaison with ex-pats; 13. Maurice Williamson - Transport, communication & information, technology; 14. Wayne Mapp - Labour & industrial relations, political correctness eradication [smirk, big approving grin], chair of caucus policy committee; 15. Richard Worth - Justice, assc local govt (Auckland); 16. Lindsay Tisch - Chief whip, racing; 17. Tim Groser - Arts, culture & heritage, assc foreign affairs and trade; 18. Chris Finlayson - Attorney-General, assc Treaty & Maori affairs (negotiations), assc arts, culture and heritage; 19. John Carter - Local govt, civil defence; 20. Pansy Wong - assc education (international), assc immigration, assc revenue, liaison with Asian NZers; 21. Georgina te Heu Heu - Broadcasting, assc defence, assc Treaty & Maori affairs (development); 22. Paul Hutchison - ACC, disability issues, research, science & technology/CRIs, policy on children; 23. Shane Arden - Fisheries, customs, biosecurity, liaison with rural communities; 24. Phil Heatley - Housing, assc energy, assc fisheries; 25. Tau Henare - assc Treaty & Maori affairs (negotiations), assc education (early childhood); 26. Sandra Goudie - Senior citizens, internal affairs, assc local govt; 27. Brian Connell - Forestry, commerce, consumer affairs, statistics.

Key Matchups: Key vs Cullen (finance), English vs Maharey (education), Power vs King (police), Ryall vs Hodgson (health), McCully vs Winny (foreign affairs - should be a hoot). The two young-buck AGs could be an interesting tussle, too. Oh, and Wayne "The Exterminator" Mapp vs LPG & the Maori Party! Should be fun.

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