Friday, November 11, 2005

Article of the Month

Sublime reading: "Internet Killed the Alien Star"

How & why UFO sightings & abductions (in America, at least) are becoming rarer as everyday technology advances.

Must-watch crap TV show of the Month: Project Runway
Travesty of the Month: Austin not winning best dress for his lovely, floral number in Project Runway
Fave new word OTM: "Mulatto" - half-caste, but sounds like a yummy exotic coffee
Brilliant kiwi genuis OTM: Jeremy Wells
Fave rerun OTM: LOST
Islamaniac highlight OTM: Paris riots
Caint git that song outta ma head OTM: "Te Kokako" - Hirini Melbourne
Regret OTM: I'm such a lazy, useless b*stard
Painfully honest self-realisation OTM: See above
Irrational fear OTM: mercury in fillings is causing insomnia
Never-tried-before taste sensation OTM: Nutella chocolate spread on fresh bread
Cruel blow of fate OTM: realising the object of my unrequited love is not The One
Neurosis OTM: refusal to accept The One really 'isn't' and fantasising regardless
Overhyped bore I plan to studiously ignore in future OTM: King Kong
Thing requiring serious thought OTM: Getting broadband unlimited for under $30 p/w
I'll never buy that again item OTM: Liebestraum in a cast
I'll never do that again deed OTM: Drink half cast of Liebestraum on empty stomach, puke violently. Next day repeat with same results.
Dysmorphic Body Image problem part OTM: my shocking fingernails
Thank God I'm not one of those OTM: Green party supporter in post-Donald era
Really bugging me like never before OTM: My cats' extreme fussy eating habits

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