Thursday, November 17, 2005

the two faces of Tariana

Tariana says TMP supports the Taxation (Annual Rates and Urgent Measures Bill). She applauds the interest write-off on student loans, parroting the old cannard about a "free" education being an 'investment our future'. So far, so left! Then in a startling burst of right-wingery (and despite voting FOR the Working for Familes package) she declares:
"Our preference would have been for lower taxes for these families. We cannot understand why it is that tax is taken from a low wage worker and then given back to them, under another name."
So that's what Rodney's been chatting to her about during their recent, cosy tete-a-tetes :-)
Revealing her inner-neocon, she explains:
"By the Government redistributing the tax, they deny the initiative, entrepreneurship, and creativity that should be rewarded by a higher working pay"
What to make of this logic-defying, contortionist, fence straddling? Perhaps being "bi-cultural" means always being able to see both sides of the coin?
Maybe it's a Maori thing ;-)
Ask Winny, the Minister in/outside of Govt.

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