Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who writes these friggin' headlines?

Showing the lax regard for truth -- for which the Herald is renown -- headline screams: "Muslim-hater gets jail for racist abuse." Yet the article itself later states he was actually sentenced for: threatening to kill a cop, possession of a knuckleduster & dope pipe, and assault.
The judge himself, sounds like your typical (guilty) white, liberal dimwit in (erroneously) condemning this "extreme racial prejudice." Clue time, your honour: 'muslim' is not a 'race' or an 'ethnicity' - it's a RELIGION adhered to by many mixed races and ethnicities. It's worrying to see judges making such clumsy statements based on sloppy, uncritical thinking, with so little discernment of detail or attention to basic common facts.

Maori-Wannabe Alert: Baffling to hear Chris Tremaine give much of his maiden speech in Maori! I would laugh if it wasn't so nose-wrinklingly cringe-worthy.
Oh, no:
"the spirit, the wairua, of New Zealand is in me...
"To me this is the very essence of being tangata whenua..."
Are you sure you're in the right party, buddy? Plenty of room in the Greens for mushy idealists. Labour, too, a haven for paternalistic do-gooders. Not to mention Tariana's crowd who'll heartily endorse your overly romanticised (yet highly fictitious) rose-tinted view of Te Natives.

Mr Tremaine, speak English! It's OK, you're a white guy, it's what they do in NZ. Surely someone who feels so 'essentially' Kiwi should have figured this out by now.
Mr Tremaine, the primary function of a language is to 'communicate' - all the frilly, poetry stuff mere icing on the cake. If you speak Te Reo you are EXCLUDING the majority of, not just NZers, but more importantly your very own colleagues! By doing so you inadvertently create divisions and foment suspicion, ill-will, and more racial discord.

I'm beginning to think We're Doomed. When the Nats start singing from the 'progressive' hymn sheet, all hope for us 'mainstream' folk is lost.

Here's a Maori language lesson for ya!
Tutae = Excrement
Puru = Bull

Quiz: Translate the following phrase into English: "tutae puru"

An excellent example of tutae puru is the NZH's account of the "haunting" tears & laments to greet the return of Maori remains to Te Papa. The ceremony apparently powerful enough to elevate anonymous preserved body parts to the status of 'revered' ancestors. Aren't posthumous honours usually bestowed only on persons of known identity? The article extensively quotes Te Tahu White, TP spokesman & biculturalism regurgitator, whose treacly effusions recycle every cliche in the token-Maori handbook. His inaccuracies & distortions too numerous to cite individually, but one particular inconsistency stands out:
"Ask yourself this: How would you feel if it was your grandmother or grandfather three times removed? Of their head being on display or their body parts being probed, without being given the decency of a burial, or offering family the opportunity to grieve"
Fair point, perhaps. But ask yourself this, Mr White: How would you feel if your grandchildren were ABORTED with the tacit consent of the Health and Education Ministries, and that these "body parts" were then disposed of, WITHOUT the decency of a burial, family grieving opportunity - or even your consent or knowledge!
If you were truly concerned about "whakapapa connections," then the state-sanctioned murder of every child conceived by a Maori schoolgirl (and all subsequent generations doomed thereafter) should sicken you to the fibre of your being.

But no! Like most inchoate leftist 'thinkers,' Mr White is extremely selective in his outrage.

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