Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happiest Day of the Year!!

Guess what! Finally!

I met a Real Live American
who voted for president Bush in the 2004 elections!

A woman from Boston (of all places) came to my door at home in J'ville (of all places) selling Pizza Hutt vouchers!!!! Just Now!!!!

Opened the door, saw it was a saleswoman, about to do the stern, gruff "not interested" routine & she goes "Hi, I'm..." in what immediately sounded like a Canadian accent. Being pushy and nosey:

"Are you Canadian?"
"No, I'm an American"
"Oh, where ya from"
"Who did you vote for in the election last year?"
[looking worried] "Bush"

I just went NUTS! Spent next 10 minutes fumbling with cheque book, I could barely write my name, I was so excited, constantly babbling to her about what a great President he is/ thanking her for voting/ how awful it is to live in an anti-Dubya country/ to tell all her folks back home she met Dubya's Biggest Fan/ how important Dubya is to me/ not all kiwis hate Dubya/ wasn't the election close/ she's the first Dubya-voter I've met in real life/ I can't believe I'm talking to a real, live Dubya-voting American citizen....

I kept saying: "I can't believe it's a Real American!
I can't believe it's a Real American!" [i.e. Republican, patriotic American]. She musta thought I was a real dick! LOL - It was a real special moment! I can't believe it! A real live Dubya voter! Thank you, Lord! I thought I'd never have the pleasure to meet one!


TMonkey said...

Ur 'glad' Dubya got voted in?!


phil said...

He's my idol!
You bet i wuz glad. Nov 3 (NZTime) was the Happiest Day of My Life

TMonkey said...

Perhaps you should explore some more unpolitical past times and find a new idol lol

phil said...

I do like MTV, so I wuz gonnna choose Britney Spears to be my hero, but she wuz already taken...