Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nobel Prizes

The Nobels dished out in Stockholm.

LITERATURE: Harold Pinter, never mind that he hasn't written anything in decades, being a raving anti-president Bush nutcase more than qualifies him for the award.

PEACE: ElBaradei, Iranian-appeaser, and his toothless, useless UN nuke-watch body. Again, impeccable anti-Bush credentials made him a shoo-in.

From Reuters: EB's is the "15th Nobel Peace Prize to go to a UN agency or people linked to the world body." Expect the Cheeky Darky to be next year's recipient (if he can shred all those Oil-for-food documents in the interim, that is).

MEDICINE: 2 Ozzies for proving stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria (and reading NZPA articles). Go them! They're practically NZers, no one can tell our accents apart! Makes me proud to be an Australasian! ;-)

PHYSICS: 2 Americans for light/optic stuff.

CHEMISTRY: 2 Americans for smart drugs & a French guy invented plastic that 'surrenders'.

ECONOMICS: Israeli & US guys for "Game Theory" - Some kiwi bloggers won't be happy about that, I imagine ;-)

Others also displeased that prize awarded to "Zionist-American warmongers" becoz Game Theory killed trillions in Vietnam, Palestine & Iraq... and other real sinister stuff about those Jooos. Here's the Guardian's drivel if you can decode it.

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PC said...

"ECONOMICS: Israeli & US guys for "Game Theory"

Bugger. Bloody charlatans. ;^)
Some kiwi bloggers won't be happy about that, I imagine."

Nope. :-/