Saturday, January 21, 2006


Later, Schmuck!
Not a flicker of sympathy for Rotorua jogger killed in drive-by shooting. Turns out target was gangster scum with long history of mindless criminal violence. Let his victims rejoice! I offer no condolences, as a civilised gesture, to those choosing an uncivil lifestyle. If you refuse to comply with society's rules, you don't deserve its protections or blessings.
"Live by the sword, die by the sword." It's somehow fitting & proper that this dangerous animal should suffer a violent death at hands of fellow thugs. "Poetic justice" indeed. One less savage to worry about, one more social problem 'cured'.

legal can of worms
Sir Thomas Thorp, worried about Miscarriages of Justice, urges Independent Authority be established to address wrongful convictions & errors in court system. Commendable in light of high profile travesties such as the Peter Ellis case. Support also from Criminal Bar Association who acknowledge:
"There is nothing worse than languishing on an improper conviction"
How true for those wrongfully imprisoned, yet the principle remains right across the offending scale. Regardless of charge's severity, wrongful convictions suck! As do wrongful acquittals!

As a method for discerning 'truth', the entire legal process is shambolic, imho. 'Miscarriages of justice' start the minute a cop starts scribbling in notebook. Selectively compiled into summary of facts, the 'evidence' is tainted even before being disclosed. 'Negotiations' begin between lawyer & prosecution, 'facts' are amended, omitted and debated, as if haggling over prices at a Turkish bazaar. Surviving maze of incompetent lawyers, lying cops, malicious prosecutors & untrustworthy witnesses, the defendant comes before judge (complete with own prejudices & quirks) who must then rule soley on 'evidence' presented by two court adversaries trying to out bullsh*t each other. By that time, 'the facts' & 'the truth' have become mutilated beyond recognition.
The result? As capricious as fate herself. So I'm unsurprised by Sir Thorp's report. A shoddy system, riddled with flaws can't help but deliver wonky results.

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