Thursday, January 05, 2006

simply divine

Macabre journalists
NZPA's strange, white "Culture of Death" in full bloom with our hacks cheering on Oz serial killer. In another lame attempt at hero-making, like the matricidal Leslie Martin, the media won't shut up about him. Why do our journos laud killers, like euthanasiats & abortionists? In centuries time, anthropologists will look back puzzled -- like we do at the Incas -- by our blood-lusting culture that routinely requires 'sacrificial victims' to appease a false God. In our case, we've 'deified' concepts of "dying with dignity" & "wimmin's right to (murder a unique, human individual in) her body."

[Cosmic] Justice is served as contemporary Robin Hood fleeces scumbag lawyers for over half a $Mil. You can't complain when thieves themselves get burgled; let's give her a Nobel Prize!
Who says crime doesn't pay, is morally unjustifiable or can't have a happy ending? She got a whole swag of cash and three lawyers got burned. A win-win result! Case closed.

Contemptuous Loathesome Fag
& enemy of free-speech, aka our Chief censor, takes brief pause from banishing Christianity and homophobic hate-speech, to peddle 'unsafe sex' stickers on smut films. Who cares? Only public movie screenings could ever possibly be forced to comply, & the best porn is online (credit card & broadband recommended). Besides, anyone who watches porn in public is a bit pervy, if you ask me. Ignore the bloviating of butt-busting Bill, our State Moral Guardian is easily bypassed. The internet makes him irrelevant & aint nothin' pushy, nancy fag boy can do about it.

No argument here

Local radio poll voted Mozart's Clarinet Concerto (K622) his greatest composition. A big call, considering his rep & prolific output, but a good one, imho. It is quintessentially Him. The 1st movement grand, stately, graceful & elegant, lively yet restrained. A late work, his exuberance matured, but still oozes joy & quiet hope. The 2nd, a sumptuous, dream-like floating serenity. Nobody does adagio quite like Mozart; time stands still, we commune with the divine, the transcendant. His glorious finale encapsulates his signature cantabile style for single instrument; uncanny mimicking of the human-voice's character. The clarinet does more than just sing - it chortles & laughs, gossips & chatters; teasing & funny like the garrulous party guest, stealing the show with high-spirited tales and hilarious anecdotes. The concerto ranks with all the Great Masterpieces in world art history, imo, Every single inspired note perfect. Happy 250th birthday, Wolfie!

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Bad luck e hoa but I think you'll find while she duped the lawyers she actually fleeced the banks.