Thursday, March 23, 2006

At last, something to smile about!

Man of the moment
All praise Investigate editor, Ian Wishart, an old-school journalist from a bygone era when media actually exposed political roguery, rather than conceal & abet (left-wing) Govt malfeasance. After successfully scalping Tamihere & Parker, & near mortally wounding Benson-Perve, he's become a veritable one-man vast right wing conspiracy! Our PM calls him a "creep" for his 'audacity' to research & report wrongdoing. He responds, suggesting she take some stress leave. LOL - How wunnerful! As a White Heterosexual Christian Male, he embodies everything the Hag despises & fears. As a scribe who refuses to be bullied, intimidated, bribed, cajoled or otherwise manipulated, the Crone must be furious he's inured to Labour's spin machine. Onward Christian Soldier! Drive another journalistic stake straight through the black heart of The Beast!

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