Wednesday, April 05, 2006

how the West was lost

cultural suicide
The police announce a new policy on identifying women drivers wearing burkhas, which says:
"where appropriate a female officer should be responsible for confirming the identity as there is no cultural basis in Islam for refusing to unveil the face to another woman"
Un-freakin-believable! There are so many things wrong with this! NZ is NOT an islamic culture, so why are we appeasing this camel-humping death-cult stuck in the 7th Century? If muslim women can't tolerate a 'man' looking at her bare face, she should stay locked up in her house, or preferably go back to the terrorist breeding sandpit she calls home. When did the cops become so PC? I hope this is not indicative of the newly appointed Commissioner. Driving is not a 'right', it's a privilege afforded only to those who obey the relevant laws & restrictions; one of which is identifying yourself to a cop - male or female - whenever required.

This is symptomatic of a culture that has lost its confidence & spine. We're too afraid to assert ourselves, even to stringently enforce our laws lest we 'offend' someone. Instead we cowardly roll over to accomodate other's hypersensitivities, insecurities, hang-ups & superstitions. Little by little, one tiny incremental step at a time we're meekly sacrificing our hard won liberties and cultural heritage. Our ANZAC forefathers must be rolling in their graves; is this what they fought & died for? We have a media who've agreed to never again publish Mohammed (pig faeces be upon him) cartoons, universities building islamic prayer rooms, a court system allowing burkha-clad witnesses to conceal their faces, and now male cops (who comprise the overwhelming majority) inhibited from discerning drivers' identities.

Let's brush up on our Arabic & get used to poking our arses in the air five times a day. New Zeala-stan is closer than we think.

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