Friday, April 21, 2006

That's our girl!

ACTion woman!
Heather Roy, mother of 5, off to do six weeks basic training with the
Territorials. That's awesome! Good she'll learn to use a gun. Let's hope she comes back to Parliament and shoots the entire Labour Party. And the Greens. And Jim. I didn't mean shoot them dead (gosh, I'm not that heartless) I meant, just maybe maim or paralyse them in some small way.

Sheesh! Kinda emblematic of just how sex-role reversed NZ is. The ACT Party: one man, one woman. The woman's off to become GI Jane while the man wants to be a prima ballerina on Dancing with the Stars.

Update: But seriously, the Army News (pdf) has all the goodies
[Hattip, Sir H]
How's this magnificent quote:
"I hope other women like me.. will consider the concept of serving one's country as a volunteer. Selfless service to the country is at the heart of the national fabric & I'm proud to be able to do my bit."
Recruit Roy, MP & Patriot. Doesn't she make you proud!

Qantas Award winning column
OMG! Brilliant! Possibly the truest article ever written. Why NZ hates the Crusaders. More a learned, sage cultural anthropology than a sports column. Honestly can't say I find the Red & Blacks endearing. Last week I was cheering for the Waratahs. Disgraceful, huh? But if they meet in the semis or finals I'm still supporting the New South Welshmen.
My ex-brother in law (Wgtn boy) hates the Hurricanes & likes the Crusaders coz they play 'NZ' rugby, not 'Polynesian' rugby. LOL - which is actually true, ya gotta admit. Friggin stirrer has been buying my Wgtn nephews red rugby jerseys bearing you-know-who's club insignia.

Oh well. Just coz I'm a miserable losing tosser, doesn't mean I can't be magnanimous. Good on ya, Robbie Deans! You're the man! (but that still doesn't mean we like you or anything...)


Rob Good said...

Way to go Heather.....

pink panda said...

god have you seen the front page of the sunday star times? rodney is gold. gold i tell you.

i wish winnie was getting in on the action...

pink panda said...
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phil said...

Ditto, Rob Good!

Yes, Panda! Isn't it a fantastic action shot?

As for "comment deleted" - I HATE it when comments get deleted before I've even had a chance to read them. It always makes me curious, 'what was that about?' I wonder. Was it someone being nasty and abusive who later felt pangs of regret?

And just for the record: Please feel free to be as abusive and nasty as you like. I'm a big boy, I can take the hits. And since I regularly slag off others with impunity (including entire groups, nations, continents and religions) I can hardly start bawling my eyes out when someone takes a shot at me, now, can I?


Personal abuse: Knock yourself out!
Death threats: The world's your oyster!
Abusive comments about my family: That's OK, they don't read the internet, anyway.
Death threats against family members: Can I make a few suggestions?
Abuse against Maoris: Yeah right, like we care what you think, anyway.
Abuse against Aucklanders: Warmly encouraged, besides, someone has to do it.
Abuse against Australians: It's our patriotic duty. You'll be rewarded in heaven!
Abuse against President Bush: WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Comment will be deleted, then I will hunt you down, burn down your letterbox, then feed your dog a big bowl of creamed paua so he farts all night in your living room.

Anonymous said...