Monday, May 01, 2006


Back again
Like a recurrence of herpes, I'm back again. Haven't been or done anything noteworthy in the interim. Just good old fashioned hoha; competely bored & lazy & uninspired. Been good giving my tired squinting eyes a break from the screen, and my sore RSI neck and mouse-clicking arm are recuperating. Have spent much time catching up on some much neglected TV watching. Very relaxing. As has been the break from the web itself.

The internet's a funny thing. Some days a joy; a miracle allowing easy connectivity to millions of like-minded souls. Other days it swamps you with blizzards of non-stop information, burying you in trivia & ephemera. And some days it's like a million noisy people all shouting at once; throngs of demanding screaming voices insisting they be heard. Sometimes the only way to shut them up is to log off. So I did. But now I'm back, ready to add my squalling to the din :-) Howdy, folks! Good to be back!

All your bodies are belong to us
People hate nico-nazis & God-bothering anti-abortionists telling others what to do with their own bodies. The anti-obesity lobby are the worst bunch of annoying busybodies, imo. Mainly coz their philosophy isn't based on health, but aesthetics: white people are fat phobic. An entire cottage industry is founded on this one cultural superstition. Like global warming alarmists, the anti-fat crowd has spawned a faux science with bogus supporting stats. How many kiwis are allegedly obese? One in four? One in three? What nonsense!

Every special interest group has its own bogeyman. Cardiovascular doctors tell us heart disease is the biggest killer; for the nico-nazis, smoking is public enemy #1; the anti-booze crowd reckons alcohol is the source of all evils. For the fatty-phobes, food is the new root cause of all misery. This, from a white urban middle-class who gave us anorexia and bulimia. Bet you eating disorders affect Pakeha disproportionately. It's definitely a White Thang, a relic of the Judeo-Christian heritage; the spirit mistrustful of sinful bodily temptations. The flesh must be ruthlessly monitored, repressed, controlled. An austere, spiritual absolution for our secular age.

Personally, I prefer the Polynesian aesthetic, where Big Is Good. I hate the Western, emaciated, Holocaust-survivor look. Gaunt, sepulchral, cadaverousness is unattractive in a cancer patient, likewise a heathy woman. Each to their own, I s'pose, but I wish the waif wannabes would admit their matchstick physical ideal is culturally determined, based on fashion and wish fulfilment (rather than health benefits) and stay out of my dining room & shopping basket. So go away, you anti-obesity killjoys! Big bunch of complaining neurotic white girls, alienated from your bodies, fearful of flesh. Go find a husband if you need something to control & boss around, or have kids. And for goodness sake, eat something! You're all skin & bones!


kmr said...

Your 'personal preference' is one thing, science is another. Being overweight is an UNDENIABLE risk factor and will negatively effect your long term quality of life and longevity ie- would you like to be a diabetic arthritic 70 year old with heart disease? or rather a healthy active 70 year old enjoying the outdoors and living to see the accomplishments of your grandchildren?

To question the science is ludicrous, and how being fat 'looks' is a different issue, as is whether governmental coercion in this area is legitimate. Stop confusing the issues.

By the way, it is 'pleasant' for some cultures to believe the Earth is the center of the universe. To these people the science is irrelevant because it is unpleasant. Despite any lefty impulse to respect this 'cultural view' these people are just plain wrong, and this type of ignorance and anti-science is, in fact, dangerous.

OBJECTIVE TRUTH exists, whether you want to believe it or not.

t selwyn said...


But you must follow this statement: "flesh must be ruthlessly monitored, repressed, controlled" through: white people also seem far more disposed to organ donation too - and also forced organ "donation". I think the whole thing is ghoulish, undignified and desecration. Call me old fashioned.

Lindsay said...

Big polynesians look better than big white people. Good skin, good colour, better muscle tone. Same with tattoos. They look better on darker skin.

Tim, you will be pleased the Maori Party are also against organ donation ang voting against the current bill to promote it.

Each to his own belief. But when politicians start forcing their beliefs on other people, esp those who have voted for them and might have family waiting for an organ to live, it's wrong.