Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Macho mullahs
Iran to ban 'girly' and effeminate athletes from their sportsfields because it disrespects society. Guess the Auckland Blues will have to cancel their end of year tour to Tehran.

Caught out
Shane Warne snapped in threesome with Canterbury girl & another model. Who does he think he is? Bill Clinton? Disgusting isn't it? That any right minded kiwigirl would shag an Ozzy.

I confess, it was me...
Britney Spears pregnant again. The alimony's gonna kill me! I adore Britney, even more than the Mexican girl on LOST. Prior to the US 2004 election, Britney declared her unconditional support for Prez Bush. I was enraptured to discover she's one of us (nod, wink, secret handshake), and she instantly transformed, in my eyes, from talentless skanky pop-tart to global cultural behemoth. Possibly the most important figure in music history, IMH-and very smitten-O. Go, mum! Take care of our baby!

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Rob Good said...

She is getting tehm out of the way at the early years so as she can make a come back a la madonna and retire on her own money. I think Jessica Simpson is a Republican too?