Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Happy 48th birthday, cousin Morehu!

And Happy Winter Solstice, all! (or Summer Solstice for those up Nth) Guess all the astronomers, pagans & stargazers will be partying hard tonight!

And it's Matariki on the 27th- the Maori new year (never knew we had one, to be honest)
Cool! Two reasons to get drunk in one week! (not that you need a reason).

And Happy Birthday, Cancers! It's your month! I raise my glass to you all! Cheers, havva good one! Excellent. Another 30 reasons to get drunk this month! :-)

And happy joy, there's TWO hours of LOST tonight! Tonight, I think Kate & Jack get all kissey-face (last week's previews implied) Go, them! Either that or Dr Crybaby will get all chin-wobbly, quivery-lipped, blinking watery eyes &... you know the rest...

Update: As usual my predictions were wrong. I'd make a terrible psychic. They never kissed or cried. But next week looks like Sawyer & Ana Lucia could get all up close & personal. Isn't all this romance great in series two? I can honestly say, LOST is the best series I've ever seen in all my long, distinguished sitting-on-bum eyes-glued-to-box career. Can't believe how they maintain the level of intensity each week. It deals with some major heavy & dark psychological issues. The moods can be really raw and unsettling, then morph effortlessly into poignancy or levity & humour. Superb film-making. I'm totally hooked.


phil said...

Teach-yourself computer skills time. Just gonna have a goof around with the comments box.

Anonymous said...

This is me in disguise.

Anonymous said...


"Ana Lucia" on LOST said...

Gee, you're HOT, phil! I WANT you!

Claire on LOST said...

I want you too, Pheel!

"Kate" on LOST said...

Me too!

phil said...

Aww Shucks! Stop it, you're making me blush!

OK enough mucking around. Just wanted to experiment posting under different names.
Computer lesson finishes.

fm said...

I don't think the show is the only one dealing with "major heavy and dark psychological issues"!

I like the cute Canadian one too though. Just not enough to watch the show every week.

phil said...

Yeah, you're right. Heaps of shows deal with heavy stuff & people wrestling with their demons.

I like LOST coz it's very bleak for American TV, which is usually upbeat & can-do and optimistic.

There's a real undercurrent of hopelessness - that there are No Happy Endings.

All of the characters are majorly screwed up, all have heaps of emotional baggage, wracked with guilt & regret. But also futility - the realisation that bad stuff happens to the good & bad alike. Fate is randomly cruel.
There's a sense of impending doom, that they'll never be resuced, that it all just gets worse & worse..

The contrast between mood and scenery is unnerving. All of this dark drama against the gorgeous visual backdrops.
Lush tropical rainforests, sweeping panoramic beachfronts, moody ambient campfires. There's a real sense of unresolvable menace & vague peril just below the dazzling surface.