Thursday, June 22, 2006


Go Greens!
Thank you
Sue Bradford, Sue Kedgley, Keith Locke, and Nandor Tanczos (Never thought I'd say those words) for voting to amend microchipping laws to exclude: farm dogs, guides, hearing ear & companions; and dogs working for police, govt depts, pest control & security. Who'd of thought sanity from that lot?
It is the first significant vote the minority Govt has lost since it was formed last October.
Heh. May there be many more. I LOVE it when Dear Leader doesn't get her way :-) Compulsory chipping work dogs was always the silliest, most extreme, futile manifestation of typically knee-jerk, band-aid legislative posturing. Mahuta, Fitzsimons & Turei's inflexible opposition to amendments has made them look like real dum dums as if they needed any help.

A victory for "common sense" (as my electorate MP, Mr Dunne, would say, and I can truthfully call him that now - I switched from the Maori to the General roll) over expensive,
unnecessary, ill-conceived, legislative meddling that lefties are so fond of. Cheers Dave Carter & the Nats!

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Anonymous said...

Methinks the compromise will not end the wrangling. You might like to check ou the piece from the KIwi Herald, "Dogs Look For Work"