Monday, June 26, 2006

Soccer Superstar

Perfect Pom
David Beckham, supermodel & metrosexual icon, shows flair for fancy footwork to become the
first Englishman to score in 3 consecutive World Cups. His heroics keep England's hopes afloat and is predicted to boost Britain's economy by 100 million quid or so. Not bad for 90 minutes work.

I really like Becks, not only is he everything I aint: rich, famous, handsome, talented, blond... (usually legitimate grounds to hate someone), but his fascinating biography [
zero-to-hero status among soccer-mad poms, marriage to pop-princess, chameleon-like fashion iconoclasm] paints him a grand tabloid Knight (imo), courtly yet modern. An odd hybrid of athlete, celebrity & clothes-horse. His latest on-field hat-trick will only further mythologize our dashing pastiche hero; heart-throb jock & symbol of our fractured, fragmented entertainment culture. I say, "Good on him!"

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