Sunday, June 25, 2006


International Rugby

NZ v Argentina 25 - 19.
Three tries to one, penalty-fest. Down 15-16 at half time. Disgraceful! ABs should never be down at half time (imho). Congrats Scott Hamilton on your debut test try! MacDonald & Carter also dot down.

Australia v Ireland 37 - 15.
Go, the Sth Hemisphere! 3 out of 3 for new coach John Connolly. We play those ominous Ozzies in 2 weeks. Mat Rogers out with a sore knee. Make that 3 out of 4, eh John?

France v South Africa 36 - 26.
:-) Tres bon! Oui? I dislike the yarpies the most in world rugby; more than the poms, more than the frogs, more than anyone. Great to see them beaten at home. That musta hurt. Ooh la la!

Soccer World Cup

Yeah, whatever.

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