Sunday, July 09, 2006

fab footy

Congrats Canetoads!
Wasn't the State of Origin decider a classic! Watching the drama unfold, I experienced the entire gamut of human emotion: hope, despair, rage, joy, disbelief, denial - and after Lockyer's try - unbridled elation! No wonder they're calling the '06 series one of "the best" in history. It had everything! Excellent umpiring/ appalling umpiring, action galore, nail-biting tension, big hits and that sensational comeback. As an 'honorary Queenslander' I nearly cried during those closing minutes ('manly' tears, of course - not wimpy girly blubbing). Captain Fantastic deserves canonization, or at least a knighthood: Arise Saint Darren! We love you and want to have your babies.

Wannabe Wallabies
OK, enough Ozzy-praising! Business as usual with the World's best rugby team smashing the hapless, helpless, hopeless dudes in yellow jerseys, 32 - 12. "Ouch!" and "Yeehah!" After a routine pasting, it's always fun to read the lugubrious laments of Ozzy sports reporters. If you're the gloating type, you'll enjoy the woeful prozac-gobbling, wrist-slitting columns at RugbyHeaven, via the Sydney Morning Herald. I'm far too mature and magnanimous to indulge in such unsportsmanlike behaviour. Still, it's extremely pleasing to see Ozzy upstarts put firmly in their place. Otherwise they might start getting loud, mouthy & annoying. Which, come to think of it, isn't really anything out of the ordinary...

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