Saturday, July 15, 2006

God bless Israel!

I love the smell of Lebanese burning in the morning
I support the Israelis unreservedly and I hope they unleash a whole lot of whoppass!

  • They are God's chosen people.
  • They're on our side in the global jihad against Mo-HAM-(as in pig)-Head's death cult.
  • Jews are a civilising force for mankind. Their contributions to human knowledge incalculable.
  • Every nation has a right to self-defense. Their 'neighbours' don't want peace and haven't since 1948. They want a war, so give it 'em.
  • We live in a sick anti-Israeli world. Not just the ME, but the EU, the UN, lefties worldwide, the msm, almost everyone but the Yanks. I will never understand the millenium-old cancer of anti-Semitism.
  • About time Israelis began avenging the citizens murdered by Hamas, Hiz-bollocks, Islamic Jihad, Fatah... and every other bunch of jew-killing Islamic crazies.
  • They're tough militarily and if you wanna mess with them then you deserve an ass-kicking.
Go, Israel! Go get 'em, IDF! Kill one for me, Moshe!


fm said...

la la la

fm said...

Sorry, that comment was meant for the post below (for those that were confused).

Ruth said...

Check out Mark's blog Phil. Israel sure knows how to sort things out.But I don't support ethnic cleansing and neither does he.

phil said...

Ruth - Interesting reading. Personally, I'm always fascinated to hear what American Jews (overwhelmingly Democrat) have to say on the matter. Especially as President Bush and Republican "conservative Christians" have been, imo, good allies of Israel. It seems a rather 'fuzzy' (and controversial) area where sometimes religious & cultural beliefs clash with partisan politics.

fm - it's OK, you can look now. The Boomers won the 3rd test.