Monday, July 03, 2006

Good riddance!

Waugh's War
Superintendent Alex Waugh to retire from the NZ Police. Not a moment too soon. The guy is an embarrassment and a clown. Mr Waugh:
stood trial in 1998 on 21 counts of making fraudulent expense claims.. He pleaded not guilty but changed his plea to guilty on 10 charges totalling $1199, after getting incorrect advice that he stood to lose his $250,000 pension if he lost the case
If you plead "guilty," it traditionally means you accept culpability for wrongdoings and therefore deserve any sentence imposed & you should rightfully retire as there's no place for crooks on the force.
If you plead "guilty" while later maintaining your innocence, then you're a liar who has perjured himself in Court, and/or a clueless confused cretin who doesn't understand simple legal protocol.

Either way, he's an idiot. P
leading "guilty" for fear of losing retirement benefits shows him to be utterly self-serving & expedient. His commitment to the Police, to the courts, and to justice, are obviously secondary to feeding his greed, ruthless careerism & inflated sense of self-worth.

He concedes to being a 'thorn in the police's side.' Moron! Surely someone that highly ranked must know policing is a team game; there's no room for mavericks, ill-disciplined bombastic egos, or showy primadonnas with expensive employment lawsuits that lower the morale of colleagues, wastes precious time, manpower & resources, and ultimately brings our cops into disrepute.

Go away, shameless egomaniacal huckster! You are a stain! Bury your fat arrogant head in disgrace!

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t selwyn said...

Why is it that the only class of person who argue that when they plead guilty they still really aren't - are policemen? Is a policeman ever capable of being wrong!?