Saturday, July 01, 2006

likeable lawsuits

Support Bernard Darnton!
Gutsy Libertarianz leader to sue our (gawdawful) Prime Minister for theft over election spending on Labour's pledge cards. Alrighty! Our Hero of the Month!

I'm sometimes a weeny bit wary of Libz as they tend to revile Bible-reading pro-lifers such as moi. They demonise us (which is oddly hypocritical considering they don't even believe in demons). I'd pray for him, but that just upsets them. And I don't really understand what Libertarianism actually is. Probably since I've never managed to stay awake beyond page 3 in any Ayn Rand book; the only writer in history to make Karl Marx look upbeat & snappy. Possibly the real reason Atlas shrugged is coz his name is now forever tarred by such an interminably long & boring novel.

Oops, best be careful talking 'bout their idol like that, they might go all Mohammed-cartoon on me, and start issuing blog-fatwahs. Sorry! And no offense to the Libs on my blogroll, who are all a Fantastic Buncha Guys. It's not you who's circumspect, but those wild-eyed wacked-out mainstream Libs who give swell folk like you a bad name.

But never mind all that for now. Anyone at war with The Hag has my complete backing. Thus I unconditionally support Bernard & his new blog, Darnton vs Clark, devoted to his campaign. Please visit. And donate! I'm telling you to! (the Libs never would coz that'd be coercion or an intrusion against your free will or something). Please! If you hate Helen Clark and are passionate for justice & truth - or even if you just hate Helen Clark - support Mr Darnton!


phil said...

Oh, and lot's of *smiley* and *tongue-in-cheek* emoticons throughout.

(For those 'grim literalists' out there. See what reading too much Rand has done to you?)

Sharon Ferguson said...

Atlas Shrugged IS a monstrous novel. Have never tried to tackle it. From what I heard, those who did read it were reall assholes for about a month afterwards. I do well enough on my own!

However, I did read "Anthem" - and actually enjoyed it.

Dropping in to say hello!

phil said...

Hi there, Sharon! And a great big Texas "Howdy!" to ya :-)

Bet it must be lovely & warm where you are, now. Summertime and all.

All I can say here, in Winter, a stone-throw away from Antartica, is "Brrrrrrrrrr!!"

(I'll type that out in full when my fingers thaw)

ruth said...

Very good Phil. I used to consider myself a Libertarian and support Darnton but you are absolutely right about the fatwah stuff. Which is rather strange for so-called individualists...

Hi Sharon - good to see you are still around!

Sharon Ferguson said...

Phil - You can HAVE it!! Am a native Houstonian and HATE the summers here! %$#$#%@%$*^%%$^#W^$ Humidston...

Anyway, howdy back atcha! I'll wave the next hurricane down your way...LOL

Ruth! Good to see you too! Not blogging as much anymore...have been distracted by more "creative" pursuits. But I have been trying to keep up with things on the far side of the world.

Best to both of you!