Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday tabloid

Horny Warney
Dodgy sounding new biography claims Shane Warne had over 1000 lovers. Not surprisingly, ex-wife is miffed with possible nasty defamation stoush to follow. I feel sorry for her; imagine knowing (or suspecting) your spouse cheated on you multiple times. Then imagine it publically broadcast - ego-crushing stuff! His poor kids growing up knowing dad's a cad. I abhor infidelity: "thou shalt not commit adultery" - it's not a laughing matter. What's funny tho' are some of his online supporters:
"Whatever Warney has done, he doesn't deserve a sneering attack like this. He's just a sportsman for God's sake"

"Why doesn't this bloke just leave Warney alone? He's just a cricketer, not the Prime Minister, and all that matters is that he takes wickets for Australia"
LOL - something only a true sports fan could utter.

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