Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things my mother taught me

Celebrate Maori Language Week!
It's that exhilirating time of year again. Let us rejoice in NZ/Aotearoa's rich, vibrant bi-lingualism! Our priceless indigeneous language is indeed a taonga (treasured possession) gifted from antiquity, bequeathed to all peoples of the land, to enrich, strengthen and foster our cherished bi-culturalism and racial harmony. Let's all learn to speak Maori!

Here's some handy common everyday expressions [rarely mentioned in textbooks]:
E ta = "Bullsh*t!"
Taurekareka = "Scumbag!"
Koito = "Arsehole!"
Tama meamea = "You filthy piece of sh*t!"
Haunga te tete = "What a stink twat!"
To kuare hoki = "What a f*ckin' idiot (you are)!"
Ka wepua koe = "I'm gonna kick your ass!"
Pokokohua = "F*ck you!"
Have fun conversing with your Maori friends! Tune in next week to learn further helpful phrases such as, "Oh, don't go all sulky on me, ya frickin crybaby!" and "Ouch! What did you hit me for?"


Scotty said...

Wow! I think I'll refrain from using any of those ones !!

Anonymous said...

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fm said...

I warn you now phil, I'm passing on these phrases to other Aussies that might have need of them this evening. I expect we'll get plenty of practice.

phil said...

That's alright, Scotty, we don't need to use that sort of language. After all, we Won the rugby. Cheers, All Blacks!

fm - would you like pronunciation lessons? (I thought perhaps some of those phrases might come in handy after tonight's match in Brisbane...)

fm said...

How do you say "we wuz robbed" in Maori?

phil said...

Well, it's not something a Maori would actually say - after all, we're usually the ones doing the 'robbing'