Wednesday, August 23, 2006


In your dreams, Part I
Took the World's Smallest Political Quiz and with knee-quivering horror discovered I'm a libertarian. Gawd, I wanna throw up. I do NOT wish to be associated with the cult of Ayn Bland - I already have a religion, thank you. And unlike that unreadable bore, at least our holy scriptures have literary merit and don't induce narcolepsy. [Insert Edvard Munch's The Scream here]

In your dreams, Part II
Nurses and firemen are the most popular objects of men's & women's sexual fantasies, says a Brit poll. Politicians and milkmen, the least desirable. Which is odd, since I fantasise about politicians all the time. I dream of a (full) bus load of Labour MPs careening off the road and plunging into a bottomless abyss. Helen's driving. No survivors unfortunately. Heck.


Orange_Cross said...

Maybe you'll score differently on the version of the test at .
I hear you about Ayn Rand, I can't stand her books.

phil said...

Couldn't complete it, Orange. The questions & issues are too specifically American. Have no idea what they're on about.

ps - I've never actually read Rand before. Only going on her boring reputation. And I'm only just mindlessly slagging off Libs, coz in the NZ blogosphere they routinely slag off Christians & religious folk with impunity. So... a little bit of 'friendly' payback - give a little, get a little. But it's all good, no serious harm done.

PC said...

Hahaha. We're coming to get you, Phil. :-)


Ruth said...

Rand was great Phil - she has attracted retards and been done a great disservice by most of her admirers however.

phil said...

You'll never take me alive, PC! :-)
[cue: dramatic shoot out scene in a Ned Kelly movie]

Ruth: I might check her out. I've seen "An intro to Objectivist Philosophy" at the library, might have a wee peek next time.
BTW - ROTFL at your Jacquelin Passey link. I've spent the whole evening reading the comments & trackbacks & links. Fun!