Tuesday, August 08, 2006

mum & dad's fault

Once were (drunk, fat) warriors
Kiwi researcher tells Ozzy genetics conference
Maori bellicosity has a genetic foundation, namely a preponderance of monoamine oxidase - a "warrior gene" - which, on the up-side aided the perilous sea-faring migrations of yore, but unfortunately also:
"goes a long way to explaining some of the problems Maori have... they are going to be more aggressive & violent & more likely to get involved in risk-taking behaviour like gambling"
But wait! There's more! Maori's genetic constitution also predisposes us to binge-drinking (heh, now I've got an excuse) as well as obesity. Well there you go! We can stop blaming colonisation, caucasians & capitalism for all our woes. So, finally it's time to take full responsibility for our criminal aggression and place the blame squarely where it belongs - on DNA :-)

[Dangitall! And I was just about to renounce my violent, drunken gluttony for a life of tempered sobriety - but those friggin genes of mine...]


ruth said...

I'm all for a "warrior gene" as long as it doesn't lead to criminality - we need more warriors and less wimps in the world ;-)

Sharon Ferguson said...

And hence the Maori with their brethern the Vikings got to pass on all that lovely DNA as opposed to all those Eurotrash metrosexuals who are flaccid in the proper DNA.

*shakes head*

Much prefer a warrior, too. I swear this world becoming too full of sickly old women.