Monday, October 16, 2006

Fair call?

Whistling in the wind
So it wasn't just me! Both NZ and Ozzy netball coaches bewildered by the bizarre umpiring calls in the two recent trans-Tazzy matches (I better say this now before tonight's deciding test, otherwise I'll look like a bad loser if Ozzy comes out on tops). Some of the decisions have been marginal at most, to say the least. To be frank, the refereeing standard has been absymal. A compelling argument to involve only downunder umpires in NZ/Oz games? Both sides are so far ahead of the rest of the world, it's a shame to see talented athletes 'penalised' by sub-standard umps who can't foot it on court. Then again, it's up to the players to adapt - no point arguing with the (wo)man with the whistle.

As an aside: isn't this the prettiest Australian team they've fielded since... ever? Sharelle McMahon! Mmmmm!
I nominate me to console her with hugs and caresses if the Ozzies lose...

...or win


Update: Arrgghh!! It's the end of the world!! The bad guys won. Oh, quel depressing! I definitely need Sharelle to hold and comfort me now. Those dang frickin' Ozzies!

I was gonna write a post praising John Howard for advocating nuclear power in Ozzy - but I doubt I'll be saying anything nice about that country for a long time now.


fm said...

So what you're basically saying is that the NZ team is ugly. Is that so, Phil? Well okay. If you say so... (brave man, etc etc).

And anyway, consoling the opposite team is treason, so back off buddy. If there's any consoling to do, is only fair that their compatriots do so. (Besides, I know it is a least one looker in your side -- she is the only girl that turns up in the footage of the game that they showed in the seven second soundbite on the news over here. Lovely Maori girl -- don't know her name, but possibly goal shooter. I shall make a special effort to tune in this time and I'll report back with all the vital statistics.)

Phil said...

Hey, I can't help it if Sharelle thinks I'm a hot sexy stud and wants me. She grew up in Ozzy, thus has never seen a real MAN before, that is until she came to NZ.

Btw, that lovely Maori 'girl' is named "Bruce" - I'm not sure if he's had his, ummm... 'operation' yet. The team-mates call him/her "Priscilla"

But if that's your 'thing' - then who am I to judge? I wish you both well, and I'm sure you'll be happy doing your cabaret shows together. Best of luck!

fm said...

Heh. Well perhaps I'll excuse my introductions to your team then.

Oh, and by the way: Yay team!

Yes they were lovely, weren't they!