Tuesday, October 24, 2006

good news

Time to go
Latest Colmar Brunton poll shows PM Clark's popularity at a historic low.
Labour's party vote support, 36%, is its lowest rating since it took office in 1999
Heh. The beast herself falls to 33% in the prefered PM stakes.

* Disapproval of govt's performance: 51%
* Approval of govt's performance: 35%

My, those are cheering figures! Bad news is 6% of electorate would still vote for the Greens. Bet Helen's worried: is that a coup I can smell? Barbeque at Phil's? There's no other logical (or likeable) successor. Neither the lifeless, robotic Maharey (wimpiness personified) nor the combustible bully-boy Mallard fit the bill. What a fine day to be an evil right-wing blogger [or whatever it is that Helen calls us]. Joyful indeed.

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