Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How we rank

NZ cracks the top 10 most wasteful, natural-resource depleting countries worldwide according to a dodgy survey by green-weirdo outfit, WWF. We came 9th. Go, Kiwis! So much for the Clean Green thing. Australia came #6. Bloody Ozzies - they beat us at everything.

NZ's Press Freedom has fallen to 19th equal according to hand-wringing crackpots, Reporters without Borders. Kiwi journalists do enjoy abundant freedom. Freedom from fact-checking, from dispassionate observation, from balanced reporting, from conservative views, from professional standards and from credibility.


Sharon Ferguson said...

* my American friend (whom I've met previously as "esgaroth" and who knows me as "piripi") whose heart is as big as Texas!

Hi there Phil!! Im quoting from your earlier post because I am WAAAAAY behind in catching up on your blog - you are so kind to remember me!! One of these days I will make it down to your part of the world. Im sorry I didnt notice this post sooner, but now that I have, will make an effort to say happy (belated) birthday to your blog on mine, which I have just recently moved to (no 'a' and its my very own domain name).

So NZ is among the 10 worst at what? Actually using their resources instead of piling tenements and filth on top of it like Mexico City? or Sao Paolo? Some elitist is having fun with a statistician somewhere, never mind that these top ten countries also develop the technology to clean up whatever mess is made. People in Mexico City and elsewhere just send their peons to go wallow in it.


Wishing you well...

Phil said...

So NZ is among the 10 worst at what?

LOL - Sorry, I accidentally hit "publish post" instead of "save draft" then went and had dinner without noticing (senior moment).