Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Hone the Hypocrite
Just when you thought Keith Locke or Sue Bradford or [insert Labour/Green MP here] was the biggest boob in Parliament, along comes Hone Harawira. His latest embarrassing gaffe has him refusing to assist Maori in his electorate unless enrolled on the Maori roll. That is completely antithetical to both tikanga (customary practices) and to the tenets underlying his party's core philosophy. The kaupapa (broad principles) of The Maori Party are clearly spelled out on their website. They include:

1. Manaakitanga - Giving prestige to or elevating the prestige of individuals or organisations through the expression of affection, hospitality, generosity and mutual respect.

2. Whanaungatanga - Affirming the relationships that tangata whenua and other people have to each other individually or at whānau, hapū and iwi level through a common whakapapa and reciprocal obligations inherent in that relationship.

3. Mana Tupuna / Whakapapa - Defining Māori and others through links to their ancestors and heritage.

With respect to:

1. By ignoring Maori on the general roll, Hone diminishes their prestige. This cavalier dismissal is neither affectionate, hospitable, generous nor respectful.

2. In essence, Hone annuls genealogical relationships. In effect, he disavows whakapapa (ancestry) upon which Maori culture in its entirety is founded.

3. According to Hone, "Maori" are no longer defined through ancestry, common tradition or culture, or shared geography. Instead, "Maoriness" is predicated on one's choice of electoral roll.

In numerous places on TMP's website, much lip service is paid to 'inclusivity', 'community', 'relationship building' and other trite platitudes. But actions speak louder than words, and Hone's snubbing of some of his very own whanaunga (relatives) from the Northern tribes, proclaims his ignorance, arrogance and colossal phoniness. I'd call him a "big stupid twit" but that'd be redundant. The difference between Harawira and Locke or Bradford, is that occasionally the Green MPs make sense and their logic is fathomable.
[I did say "occasionally"]

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