Saturday, January 20, 2007

snarky snippets

Malaysian misanthropy
A survey reveals that 55% of Malay muslims dislike Australians. And here I was thinking we had nothing in common with islamic countries. A worrying statistic, admittedly, but let's not panic yet - there's plenty of time to convert the remaining 45%

fashionable Farsis

Iran had its second fashion show for muslim women on Wednesday. Who would've thought your all-encompassing tent could come in so many different cuts and styles? No prizes for guessing: this season's colours are black, charcoal and ebony.

naughty Netherlands
Amsterdam to erect a statue honouring the world's prostitutes. For f*ck's sake! No wonder they call it "Ho'lland." No mention if sculpture is to be cast lying on her back, or whether - like so many Wellington hookers - she has a 5 o'clock shadow, Adam's apple and wears size 14 stilettos.

ferocious footwear
If the shoe fits... throw it! Tempestuous Taiwanese lawmaker, puts the boot in... literally, biffing her mules at Parliament's speaker during routine political brawl. Here's hoping John Key's taking notes, unlike his predecessor who could barely keep his foot out of his mouth.

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