Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Latest ACT letter impugns Hone Harawira's good name implying the newly elected MP seeks to host banquets at Bellamy's on the public's dime, a big No-No. The Northland will probably be so incensed by this startling, racist allegation, they'll arrange another hikoi & protest at Parliament. Followed by lunch, of course... Hone's shout.

but Girl! I thought we were sisters...
The Letter inflames rumours about Georgie getting the heave-ho, her usefulness to Helen
expired now that Winny & Pete are new bedpals. Remember when it was all so cosy; Ms Beyer feted as the embodiment of our bright, shiney, progressive tolerance. What a difference an election can make.

kia kaha, bro!
Kiwi SAS soldier injured in Afghanistan during ordinance disposal. Injuries aren't life threatening. Get well soon, bro! Thanks for your service. God bless!

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