Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bad Apples

Ain't Quicktime for Movies the most ghastly, clunky cyber-freebie? Even worse than horrible Adobe Acrobat. Clumsy & slow, it hijacked my whole puter - changed all my pics & everything. Even starts up by itself at boot-up time. The cheek! Who asked it to open? And when uninstalled there was tons of 'leftovers' in the registry & stuff. No thanks Apple - your wares are pirau!

And speaking of rotten to the core, The Herald's daily disastrous-police report has the intrepid Nic Boyes, ever vigilant against dysfunctional cops, relating the personal trauma of one poor sod's stolen van recovery. Said journo's reputation is now greatly enhanced after risking life, limb, PLUS the ire of a ticketed bike rider to snap that perfect Kodak moment. Now that's commitment!

A Masterton dinner went horribly amiss when a woman, invited to a meal hosted by two lesbians, found herself unwittingly on the menu. Talk about "manaaki-tounger!"

So that's why fees have gone up... Wi Nepia is given 26-month sentence for defrauding Ngai Tauira (Maori student Assn, Vic Uni) of $160K whilst treasurer there, to feed gambling habit. I actually know Wi, in person, and attended several hui with him during our varsity years. Didn't know he was majoring in Indigenous Commerce & Accounting. Looks like he graduated!

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