Sunday, October 23, 2005

Clark admits anti-nuke stance bad for NZ-US relationship

The Sydney Morning Herald has Helen Clark admitting our anti-nuke laws are a huge obstacle to good US relations. The quotes are remarkably frank:
"It has been something everyone would like to deal with but New Zealand can't deal with it under a Labour government, certainly can't deal with it with Winston Peters as foreign minister, because we are of one mind on this. "We can't deal with it by changing the nuclear-free law - we happen to believe in it."
Oh, well... Roll on, next National Govt, I s'pose. I bet this story won't see much light in the kiwi MSM. This article was linked at the US news website, and it won't help foster pro-kiwi sentiment among our American visitors. And we wonder why tourist numbers from the States have been declining in recent times. Hello? Mike Basset? Fran O'Sullivan? Auckland Chamber of Commerce? NZ Tourism? Is anyone listening? Can anyone connect the dots...?


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