Sunday, October 23, 2005

Anti-cop Journalist Busted

Herald on Sunday senior journalist with 15 years experience, John Manukia, got snapped big-time for fabricating quotes of non-existent interviews with ex-Counties Manukau cop, Anthony Solomona, in his news articles published last week. Take that you slimey little A-hole! I'm glad the journos-for-jihad against the coppers are becoming exposed for the fraudulent, agenda driven, left-wing activist idiots that they are. (Wonder if the NZ Herald and Stuff will try & bury this story? Wonder if it's got legs? NBR... are you paying attention?

Shame on the Herald! Shame on editor, Shayne Currie! Shame on the kiwi MSM!

UPDATE: Stuff have an abbreviated version of Manukia's sacking. The Herald on Sunday have published an apology and retraction:
The Herald on Sunday apologises to Mr Anthony Solomona and retracts statements said to have been made by him in an article published on October 16, 2005...
Not enough! I want blood!! :-)
Editor publishes a lame, whiney defence of journos (snicker!) and sneakily tries to shift attention to the indiscretions of various US journalists. What can you say? Anti-American to the bitter end.