Saturday, October 29, 2005

Labour land grab alert

Oh, no! The new Minister of Agriculture is sounding ominously acquisitive, revisiting Jim Sutton's awful Govt-theft of private land legislation. How creepy! Poor farmers. They must be spewing! I'd be! I am! This is similar to the horrendous Eminent Domain outrage in the US. This Mugabe-like State appropriation of other people's property Must Be Stopped!

How do the votes tally: LPG (57) + Dunne? Yikes, that's 60! He's in cahoots with the outdoor recreation crowd, i.e. spoiled brats with false sense of self-entitlement, stamping-feet about their imagined 'right' to roam all over other people's land! To think how much money gets wasted everytime search & rescue have to go look for these "lost" climbers, trampers and nature freaks.

Surely TMP will oppose this raupatu whenua? (4). Surely also Nat+Act (50). Winston, eh? If he votes "aye" then I take back everything I ever said about him being an awesome role model for our taitama tane. He voted 'ae' for the FS&SB bill - I've sorta forgiven him for that. But this new law is Simply Unthinkable. Do the Right Thing, Wini! Vote down this legislative abomination!

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