Saturday, October 29, 2005

quick flick thru the 'Auckland' Herald

Tertiary Institutions are looking to raise fees. Massey Uni (10% - Thwapp!) & the Colleges of Education in Chch & Dndn (5-10%). Enjoy that interest free loan, Labour-voting scholars! (chuckle).

Wayne Mapp seeks to "eradicate" the more draconian aspects of the smoke-free legislation. Not that it'll matter - Tariana, Pita (reformed smoker) and Hone (health-kickster) will demonstrate that "it's all about whanau" sometimes translates as "Nanny knows best" in Te Reo Maori Party. The left have the numbers, with 2 Nat Drs & a few NZFs to spare. Case closed, status quo remains.

Daily police-bashing article from the 'Auckland' Herald. Added interactive bonus: Extra-keen journos seek your feedback to help compile further pirihimana horror tales for later publication. Winning sob-story will be awarded the John Manukia Prize for whistle-blowing.

In a discussion on PC (sounds like the Poms have it bad in some places)
kiwiblog gets a mention. Congrats, DPF! True to form, a few sentences are given to the "right-winger" (journo's own description), before allowing leftist moonbat law academic to lengthily elaborate on the merits of PC.

The long-suffering voice of public powhiri fatigue has spoken and the message is :
"take those protocols back home to where they belong"
Te Heu Heu & Henare korero in mince-free dialect. I love the way they talk over there. An incredibly brave & upfront thing to say, when ya think about it. Expect the word "kupapa" to be tossed around whenever G&T's names come up on Te Internet.

Oh, and Go, Silver Ferns!!

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