Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nix it, Queen!

Sunday * Times reports Georgina Beyer's bill outlawing discrimination against transgender folk will not be revived after languishing in legal limbo since Parliament's election break. With heavyweights Clark and Cullen unsupportive, we can safely conclude it's a "no-goer." Georgie, unsurprisingly, is shattered and blames a "growing climate of intolerance in parliament & society." Increasing intolerance? I disagree. Having grown up in the 'homophobic' 70s/80s - contemporary NooZild is a Queer Paradise compared to days of yore. The slogan "We Are Everywhere" has become a mere statement of fact. Consider the following:

Pink TV: Queer Nation, Will & Grace, 6 Feet under, Takataapui, Queer eye et al.
Pink Poli's: Beyer, Carter, Barnett, Finlayson, Heather Simpson... Clark & Tizard ( snicker)
Pink Religion: Lesbian Ministers (Methodist & Presbetarian) Auckland's Anglican gay-for-all

Pink Education: Queer Studies at Unis, obligatory Q components in high school sex-ed curriculum

Georgie, Dahhling! We live in the gayest era in history. It's all become a bit much for those who Really Don't Care what others do in private. Even so, she acknowledges the resentment built up over the recent law changes to prostitution and civil unions.
"They want to appease the more conservative elements that have come to the fore in recent years"
Perhaps that's just the inevitable reaction from a majority who felt the CU & Hooking laws were foisted upon them in 'coming-ready-or-not' fashion. Personally, I objected mainly to the obscene haste of the bills' enactments. Rushed through the select committee; appallingly shoddy reasearch and dodgy stats presented without question as 'facts' by the proponents; dissenters ignored, ridiculed and marginalized - no way were moral & social conservatives, church folk, and other objecters given a fair hearing. Paradoxically, the opposing views of the so-called 'intolerant' folk were not tolerated. Sound fair? Social justice? You decide!

Remember also Chris Carter's vainglorious declaration, "I want to be the first (gay couple) to walk up the aisle..." (or something like that). It sounded like legislation being made at the behest of an MP's whim.

I concur with The Eradicator who says the T-bill is a prime example of PC gone mad; he's correct IMO to question why we need a special law for transgenders, i.e., surely all the 'rights' a Kiwi ever needs are enshrined in either the Bill Of Rights or existing Statutes.

Buh-bye, Ian?
Mr Fraser has offered to fall on his sword as chief of TVNZ. See ya!
Bill Ralston, head of News (sic) & current affairs, is rumored to follow. Quinella! Bet Holmes and Richard Long - and Judy - are enjoying a quiet giggle.

Nastiness aside, seems there's a deep troubled and dysfunctional mood overhanging the broadcaster's newsrooms. I believe it's what's called "a sick culture" in the NZ journalist vernacular (eh, print media?) ;-) The panic is coz 24-54 yr old Auckland males are switching to TV3. News-wise, that's changing from left to lefter; like leaving Labour for the Greens.
Oh well, at least Stephen Parker and John (I'm a lefty) Campbell are upfront about disfavouring National - they're 'honest' propagandists. I think maybe coz TV3's news is more Aucklo-centric, there's an element of 'viewer parochialism' at work here. A patriotic Wgtn-ian to the core, I still reckon Akld does deserve the lion share of the spotlight, simply coz it's BIG.

UPDATE: It's confirmed - He's resigned! Can't imagine Mr Ralston will enjoy trouble-free sleep for the next li'l while.

Just when you thought it was safe to be a kiwi kid again, the SST paints an apocalyptic vision of our rangatahi. Suicidal & miseducated, illegitimate & abused, overweight & broke (how do poor people get fat? if they can't afford to eat, that is... just wondering), our chil'n are inescapably doomed to lives of destitute horror as our disintegrating society plummets into the abyss of gross neglect, failure and abuse unparalled in any country or any time in history. Or so say various 'experts' as told by an alarmed SST scribe. It's amazing anyone makes it to adulthood intact anymore.

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