Saturday, November 05, 2005

9 party Govt?

Following in the disloyal footsteps of Anderton, Peters, Dunne & Turia, the MP for Rakaia may soon, too, be flexing his waka-jumping muscle if he falls out completely with the Nats (worst case scenario). Assuming he's re-elected, that is. Assuming also, the waka-jumping-banning bill doesn't pass. Poor man. Mid-life crisis? Maybe he just needs a hug. Wonder what his constituents think. Wonder what rest of country'd think of a 9 party parliament. Yuck!! Makes the govt seem EVEN BIGGER.

Oh well, "Sh*t happens" - as our Minister of Smarm would say, dismissing another expensive Labour crony stuff-up. Lucky they're good at raking in the dough.

From the ick files... Kiwi legal history made as 2 chicks found guilty of sexually violating woman. Reminds me of that feminist slogan, "girls can do anything!" Reminds me I have to take back that video...

No need to make a song & dance about it.. The ABs throw Diva-size hissy-fit over changes in event schedule. Reminder: you're there to play rugby, not razzle-n-dazzle 'em. Who cares? Just win the tests! Save your pois for the pissup afterwards.

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