Friday, November 04, 2005

what happened today

Bruce Logan from Maxim Institute to retire after plagiarism hullabaloo... A loss for kiwi VRWConspirators IMO - Maxim's reputation tarnished. Never mind the public disgrace, Bruce. Soldier on! As someone with dubious past & unsavoury reputation, I can tell you the whole 'public acclaim' thing is WAY overrated. Only mana-munchers and egomaniacs care what others think of 'em, only primadonnas never admit to mistakes, only cowards are too scared to fight detractors, and only losers don't get up & brush themselves off after falling.

Keep writing, I say, stuff the critics! Keep going - under a pseudonym if necessary - on blogs, chat rooms, mail lists, where ever. Charge on in the war of ideas against the loons. No retreat, no surrender.

Gratuitous Royalty Fluff Piece: WaPo ditz, Tina Brown fawns as Chuck & Camilla do NYC. Riveting and Important... NOT! Pay attention anyway, he may one day be YOUR King!

Unless, of course, the Republicans have their say. Right now, what matters is equal rights. Eschewing royalty and Maori separatism, Kerry Bevin boldly proclaims:
"Once we have adopted the Constitution, a Republic of New Zealand Party Government will remove all institutions based on race including the Maori seats."
No mention of the not insignificant matter of having to actually win an election first.

Ne'er a day passes without the Herald's Speciality. Part-time police horror reporter, Si O'Rourke, bemoans cops 'too busy' to investigate boy-racer punk whose cherished vehicle was interfered with. Poor little petrol-head! My left-wing heart bleeds profusely. ALSO: Shocking case of Akld couple who called police only to find they didn't Arrive Immediately to investigate complaint.

But good news that Pania swims back home. She probably figured with Labour gone from the Napier seat it was safe to return.
"She's got a couple of scratches and bumps but is basically okay"
I guess Russell Fairbrother didn't go quietly, after all.

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Brownie said...

I followed your link to Tina Brown but could not read past the first page. If she was here with me now I could debate every point with her. Her view is understandable in that she is English and her brother Craig is an old Etonian. I wonder why she has taken the direction of Charles being 'unfulfilled''waiting' to be King. He could be a perfectly fulfilled Prince if he had half a brain. Tina calls Lady Diana a 'trophy wife'. She certainly was NOT this at the time of her marriage, so the insult falls completely flat.
I have just read Noel Botham's compelling treatise The Assassination Of Diana.