Friday, November 18, 2005

Go, the Blacks!

We won the rights to host the 2011 World Rugby Cup. Finally, the NZRFU managed to not stuff something up. The NZH goes into bum-kiss overdrive in lauding Helen, beacon of Kiwi hope and saviour of the universe. I'll forgo TV for the next few days to avoid the Clark love-fest. Elsewhere, our media hacks treat the winning bid with the significance of The Second Coming. Some perspective, please! Meanwhile, our trans-Tasman 'friends' not so friendly in giving their vote to Japan. I was worried that they'd finish their GB tour with 9 losses in a row. Not anymore; let the treacherous ockers wallow in defeat.

Pita Sharples weighs in on the 'women at powhiri' debate with surprising lucidity and reason. Although he's careful not to reveal the true reason women don't speak on marae. Namely, given their propensity to gasbag, if we allow them to speak they'll never shut up :-)

Peachey keen...
The 'other' MP for Tamaki, Allan Peachey pulls no punches either, with an impassioned harangue at
the cesspool of soul-destroying Marxism inhabiting (my beautiful city of) Wellington:
"There can be no place for a mean-spirited and socialist ideology which subordinates the individual to the ill-defined greater good of the state. History will shame those who seek to impose the crushing mediocrity of collectivism on our communities"
I think I'm in love :-)
His maiden speech easily outshines Bennet's warm-fuzzy future and Hayes' dour nostalgia.

Feline eloquence
I'm amazed at the extensive repertoire of noises my cats are capable of. Along with the mundane meows, hisses, and howls, my talented moggies can also emit clicks, lip-smacks, moans, growls, yawn-like sighs, plus a wide variety of ultra-vibrato purrs. Very impressive!

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