Monday, November 21, 2005

monday blues...

An official from the UN (Useless Nitwits) has announced that Maori have repeatedly had their sovereignty thwarted. The lastest gripe being Labour's landgrab over the foreshore & seabed. Hmmm, for all the gnashing of teeth over Clark's Gubmint, I notice the tangata whenua were still keen to re-elect them - talk about sleeping with the enemy! When will they ever learn? A govt only responds to the ballot box.

The Hag has her $00.2 worth; a mouthful of empty political nothing-speak. She hopes:

"he will go away with a well-rounded view of Maoridom in New Zealand"
I bet she really 'hopes' he just "goes away" full-stop! No need to exhume the bones of that pesky FS&SB issue, eh Hel's?

Oh, Good Lord! I hope he goes away too! Listen to this malarkey:
"ethnic & cultural diversity was a fact of life that "should not, that cannot be ignored" when it came to policy...
"indigenous peoples or racial or cultural minorities - have.. a long history [as] victims of discrimination.. colonisation.. oppression.. apartheid.. exploitation.. segregation...
"The "one law for all" argument assumed the playing field was level, but "not everybody has the same opportunities at birth ... So.. states [should] take that into account when they formulate.. policies"
He's another flaming, fruit-cake diversity-drone expecting certain "victim" groups should enjoy special legal status & privilege. No, you Useless Nitwit! That type of legal "discrimination" always breeds resentment and further strife. When one class of people are given preferential treatment to correct a 'perceived injustice', it ALWAYS creates another 'injustice' to the majority who are thus denied equal treatment and opportunity before the law.

Questions for the Haters & Wreckers: Pure self-interest notwithstanding, why is Mike Smith & co so keen on supporting the U.N.?
Why do Maori seeking tino rangatiratanga (autonomy, self-rulership) and demanding tauiwi butt out of local affairs, why do they suddenly want a bunch of wonky foreigners playing Judge Almighty? Why give credence to a 'foreign' (tauiwi) body? Who gave them a (Maori) mandate to make rulings about our internal affairs? What if the UN had ruled differently? Would Maori have cared? I don't think so...

Why should anyone listen to what the Useless Nitwits have to say about anything, anyway?
All these hui & talks are a lot of hot air. Perhaps thats why our greenhouse gases have risen by 22%.

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