Thursday, November 24, 2005

Helen above the law

David Benson-Pope, Minister for Tennis, will not be charged for assaulting schoolkids despite there being a prima facie case. Supt. Fraser says:
"The decision-making in this case rests with me and I have reached my decision after weighing up all the information and advice available to me"
Loada crap. The decision came from Helen's lapdog, Commissioner Robinson (thankfully due to retire) via Helen's crony & Asst Commissioner, Lynn Provost (a civilian appointed with NO prior policing experiencing and DEEPLY unpopular within the ranks). It's a worry that Helen & her minions have become legally 'untouchable' in this way. More worrying, is it'll continue if Provost becomes Chief Cop next year - a disaster on many levels.

Just like Clark, she's a 'diversity'-spouting, multiculti-loving 'academic' heavily keen on quotas, "social-justice", and minority rights issues. She's a geek-girl, too (in the post-INCIS debacle era).
Helen's already turned our soldiers into "peace-keepers" - she wants to turn our cops into social workers. The feminizing of our country continues. The end result is, of course, a less effective police force, and whaddaya know... more crime.

But back to Dave B.P. To be honest, 22 years is a long time to wait to complain We need some type of Statute of Limitations, IMO. To be really honest, I was hoping (in a spiteful, nasty way) that B.P. would be gone over this. Of all Labour's nasties, he creeps me out the most*, even more than Margaret Wilson! BP was returned to his electorate by a huge majority, I wonder if his present fate would have differed had his election night result been closer?

*Update: Sorry, Tim Barnett is creepier than DB-P. Actually, it's a tough one - there's a LOT of stiff competition in the LP!

More bad news for cops with Labour admitting the 1000 extra police promised, as per NZF's coalition deal, won't all make it to the frontline. Instead, says Annette King, bolstered numbers will comprise 'police staff' - which could mean practically anything. Expect a surge in consultants, advisers, researchers & managers to join the police payroll, knowing Labour & its fetish for bureaucracy. Maybe Lynn Provost is already eyeing up her pick of "sensitivity trainers" and "diversity specialists" to help the cops become more 'inclusive' and 'community-minded'. God help us!

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