Friday, November 25, 2005


Have a great National Holiday, y'all!

Thank you America for:
Help in World Wars; MTV, Elvis, Britney & Madonna & developing the Performing Arts to undreamt of levels of creativity, innovation, and inspiration; Being a friend to Israel; Star Wars & Sci-fi; The Mormon Church (lifetime gratitude for help with genealogies); Motown, Disco & RnB; amazing life-saving & life-enhancing technology, especially the Internet (thanks Mr former vice president); KFC, McD's & Pizza Hutt; Ford Cars; Microsoft Windows - works for (near-computer illiterate) me!; Rampant Capitalism; Rush Limbaugh; MAD magazines; Seinfeld & The Nanny, thanks for all the laughs; Shiploads of AID & cash to every disaster & hell-hole on the globe - & nobody seems to thank you for it - so Thank You sincerely for your kindess.

And thanks, US Music Industry, for not suing all those Maori haka groups who've been - ahem - "appropriating" your melodies since the 1930s. Quite seriously, kapa haka would never have evolved to its present sophistication without those catchy commercial tunes. All current (& future) KH exponents are indebted to you through musical lineage.

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