Thursday, November 10, 2005

hey, Paddy - get O'ver yourself

Irish eyes definitely aren't smiling... in Dublin with publicans planning to ban Tana from entering establishments because of that O'Driscoll tackle during Lions Tour.
MEMO to Avenging Oirish-men:
Move on, please!

Far better reception at Ramelton where our men in black honour Dave Gallaher, first AB captain. Very poignant.
"We hold him true and dear to our hearts not only because he led an All Black team here 100 years ago but because he gave the ultimate sacrifice..
"He gave his life defending our country.."
Thank you, Sir! We salute you!

Oops, she did it again.. Revered cultural super-icon, unabashed pres Bush supporter, and Most Purdy-est Woman in History, Britney Spears, is throwing out that putrid, HIDEOUS, loser jerk she married - thank goodness & about time. I'm in! I'm in!

They needed a judge to tell us this? More bad news for us hori blokes. Our young'ns are a Crime Bomb. (Dang! I wuz just startin' to feel good about my dahhrlin' Britney). Too depressing to dwell on [doing ostrich impression]. Btw, is this really news to anyone? (dopey leftists and cave-dwellers excluded)

They needed a study to tell us this? Our doctors are overworked and sleep deprived increasing likelihood of on-job 'performance errors'. Hope your surgeon doesn't fall asleep mid-op. Pray you never get sick. Keep that scalpel away, Snoozey!

All Gooey moment...
Adorable photo of Afghani boy in army fatigue & reminder of the good deeds of our PRT boys in Afghanistan. God bless 'em!

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