Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Has our police constabulary become politically correct? Are PNHQ drinking the kool-aid from the fountain of multi-culturalism? Dep Commissioner, Steve Long, wants more Maori cops. Yes, I laughed too. Still, it's good to Know Thine Enemy (so to speak). Maoris have first-hand knowledge of life in the urban miasma with its regular cast of misfits: drunks, liars, thieves and bullies. M-cops have far deeper attunement to M psychology: values, motivations, ethics. In the war on crime, they're unsurpassed at 'intelligence gathering'.

SORE THUMB STAT: M comprise 67% of all criminals. Egads! Or Hika Ma! as the natives are wont to say. Barely 3 weeks ago they were telling us, "resolved crime" figures were a mere 44%. So are we committing 67% of the 44% of crimes resolved? Or 67% of some other (as yet uncalculated - possibly incalculable) figure? Enquiring Maoris want to know. One day, in a burst of
frenetic nerdiness, I'm gonna crunch all those Justice Dept stats. Until then, my suspicio-meter remains ON (but happy to be proved wrong).

More dumbing down of Godzone with the unfortunate news of industrial scientists becoming redundant.
More evidence of kiwi manufacturing decline? Further brain drain? Or were they brilliant scientists but hopeless business people? Sincerest hopes they can get jobs elsewhere... or else that knowledge-wave hui really was just another big gab-fest after all (but we suspected that already).

I hope it's John-the-Lefty...
Possibly the only thing Helen Clark & I agree on is that the host of Campbell Live is a "little creep." I'd be stoked to find he's the lecherous TV schmuck accused of 'improprieties' after drunken work bash at home. Mind you, any times a good time for 'another' TVNZ scandal (IMO), especially if it shows Ms Clark and/or her govt in a bad light! Think positively!

It falls on the rich and poor alike...
Raindrops keep falling on the head of Fletcher Buildings' head-honcho, Ralph Waters. Irony anybody? Does fate have a sense of humour? :-)

Only coz we love him...
Well,... only coz he makes good copy - Gratuitous Winston fluff: Conflicting translations over the term "baubles" as uttered in the Peters' Dialect. Never known for his reticence, Rodney wins 'quip o' the day'.
"this loser over here has come up and taken the biggest bauble his greedy chops could reach around"
Scintillating oratory, Mr Hide! And that's why we love you, too.
Our political soap opera as usual. These are the days of our lives...


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Bad luck. It isn't Campbell. But do you know of any lions that like sandwiches?

phil said...

Yay! I got a comment! S'cuse me while I savour this 'first' moment. And wouldja look who it is! The esteemed Herr A.F. (I'm not worthy, blushing with humility)
thank you, thank you, thank you