Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The slimey Frogs attempt to blame the Poms for the Rainbow Warrior Bombing. The Gaul! Just when you think they can't sink any lower, new depths of despicability are plummeted. They're such cowards! No wonder they keep losing wars & have a "chicken" as their national emblem.

Nats wag finger at Cantab Uni Library for Orwellian mistreatment of staff. Charges of PC run amok amongst academia are more "statement of fact", than allegation (IM fed-up O). Bravo! Time to shine the bright light of truth on these intellectual cockroaches infesting the delapidated ruins of the withered carcass that is our education sysytem.

Haven't commented on the fantastic rugby or league results of the past weekend. No need, everyone's already said it all!

Beware of flying predators... with XY genes, warns overly zealous Qantas Airlines, in unusual case of man asked to sit AWAY from unchaperoned child. What do ya expect from Ozzies?
They're a flaccid lot! Ask the rugby & league fullahs. Shouldn't laugh, Air NZ's the same!

Why didn't they get the boy to move?
Did boy pay half-price? If so, does adult's full-fare outrank kid in 'importance' stakes?
If they're so concerned about boy's "safety," why let him on the plane unattended?
Does policy apply in first class, or are only poor men child molesters?
Why didn't the man just glare and thunder with drag-queen defiance:
"Well, kiss my sweet black @ss! This is MY seat! I payed for it! YOU [stabbing pointing finger moves] allotted it to me! YOUR mistake! That's the way it is, [hands on hip] I aint goin' nowhere, [unflinching psycho-like eye-contact] come & arrest me... [upping eyeball intensity] if you want!"
Oh, I see the man's a white guy (Sorry, must have thought it was Maori Language Week or something)
Good on man for still being angry a year later. I like someone who can hold a grudge. It shows they've got 'principles' ;-)

If, on other hand, that is indeed airlines written policy, then ya just gotta move, I guess. After I landed, I would give every staff member a (semi-polite) mouthful, then home to plan crusade against airline: formal complaints, boycotts, lawsuits, smear campaigns, voodoo & black magic... anything. Anything to get back at those mumblemumblemumble

Unbelievable Update: Stuff version has Keith Locke cheering for the normal people. Usually this PC carry on is right up the Green's alley:
"I will be writing to the Human Rights Commission asking them to intervene...
"The airline needed to recognise that "men are people too"...
"It's prejudicial to presume that men can't be trusted to have contact with children..."
Topsy-turvy world! One minute we have National MPs speaking Maori in the house, next we have Keith Locke making sense. The cognitive dissonance is nearly unbearable.

Trivia for patriots
Interesting e-mail ('tip MA) via TR list about Native bees
  • There are 28 species
  • immune to varroa mite
  • prominent insect on Mt Parihaka
  • not considered aggressive (even our bugs are pacifist wimps)
"They don't swarm, but tunnel into ground where they make individual balls of pollen & nectar, & lay one egg on each ball. From Oct to Mar, the bees mate, build nests, lay eggs & forage, before the females die off. The males die after mating"

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