Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Die, Fairfax, die!

Cheering news about troubles in the msm as community newspaper workers strike in Akld & Wgtn. Can't vouch for content of any of papers listed, but assume they're typical outlets of leftist effluvia because:

a) look where they are
b) it's Fairfax

I support this strike unreservedly. The less socialist garbage printed, the less chance it has of polluting people's minds. Heartwarming to see journalists suffering. All my Christmases & Birthdays will come at once, the day The NZ Herald or Dom Post put down their poisonous quills to protest. Let's hope this spark of industrial unrest heralds a whole new wheel-turn in the kiwi msm's (mis)fortune.


darren said...

Speaking as that rare beast- a right-wing journo- and one working for Fairfax- albeit at a business magazine, I must say you are just so wrong on this.
First, journos that are not idealistics lefties, tend to be more money orientated, so will seek more profitable professions like public relations, leaving the lefties behind.
An environment where the bosses are forcing down the pay of workers while rewarding themselves handsomely fuels a pro-left, pro-union 'us and them ' attitude.
New fairfax boss David Kirk has joined with a sign-on fee of $.5 million and his pre-decessor departed with $4.5 million or so. And this as Fairfax Australia seeks to make 70 journos redundnant.
Again, such activities by a publisher are not condusive to promoting right-wing thought in a newsroom.
I understand your frustrations with left-wing bias in the fairfax publications, but taking pleasure at the hardship of its journalists will not achieve your objectives.

phil said...

Sorry, D - I'm a sucker for the great sweeping generalisation thing ;-)